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Acousto-Ultrasonics for Composite NDT


The name Acousto-Ultrasonics (AU) is derived from a combination of Acoustic-emission monitoring and Ultrasonic characterization. The method consists of monitoring – and analyzing - the acoustic signals received from a controlled and complete insonification of the test material. Acousto-Ultrasonics is a highly sophisticated and advanced technique using digital signal processing and pattern recognition algorithms. As such it can be orders of magnitude superior to other conventional ultrasonic techniques, where the ability of humans to recognize significant signals is much inferior to modern data processing, or where automatic scanning systems are limited by considering only the amplitude in a small portion (gate) of the ultrasonic signal. Acousto-Ultrasonics considers the entire ultrasonic response, in time as well as in frequency, of the entirely insonified material.


This is another non-contact testing technique uniquely qualified to evaluate continuously manufactured, high-rate product at speeds previously unknown in traditional ultrasonic testing. Aerospace structures being fabricated with the new thermo-plastic materials are good candidates for this technology.


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