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Acoustography for Composite NDT


Acoustography (AO) is a recently developed ultrasonic testing technique that offers far more rapid inspection of composite parts while simultaneously providing equivalent or better defect resolution as traditional ultrasonic inspection techniques. CIS is an exclusive integrator of this technology in the composite hardware manufacturing environment. AO differs from traditional ultrasonic techniques by virtue of the receiving sensor being an Acousto-optical sensor that operates on the physical principle of Bi-refringence. Sound is generated in the part with large mosaic transducers which provide wide area insonification of the part.


Candidate parts for this technology are those with geometries that make them difficult to inspect with traditional ultrasonic techniques and those parts with very high rate production that traditional ultrasonic techniques struggle to keep up with. All of the conditions and defect types detected in composite structures with traditional ultrasonic techniques can be imaged with Acoustography. Part for consideration with this technique must be capable of being immersed in a shallow tank of water.


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