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Our team is experienced in offering co-located NDT capabilities to manufacturers who wish to take on production programs requiring NDT but who do not have this capability in their existing facility. This option eliminates the need for the customer to purchase capital equipment, and hire a department of certified technicians. In most cases with our co-located facilities, the customer has a fixed, per-part price that makes controlling their costs easier.

  • NAS410 qualified personnel
  • NADCAP accredited facility
  • Necessary customer approvals
  • All required capital equipment
  • Per piece pricing model
  • Eliminates shipping cost and loss of schedule

Level 3 Consulting


Composite Inspection Solutions can act as your consulting Level 3 to provide inspection technique approval, technician examination and certification, or act as your NAS410 Responsible Level 3.




All of the NDT technologies offered by Composite Inspection Solutions can be automated to varying degrees. Options include robotic part handling and manipulation, controlled motion of sensors, and even automated or semi-automated part quality decision making. We have the ability to interface automated NDT systems with your plant MRP system. Composite Inspection Solutions works closely with our X-Ray Industries subsidiary, Arcadia Aerospace – a leader in automation and system design. Call or email us with your unique applications for a free evaluation.


Equipment Leasing and Refurbishment


Composite Inspection Solutions and its X-Ray Industries subsidiaries work as a team to evaluate existing testing equipment at our customer's location and recommend upgrades and repairs. Once agreed upon, our team is fully capable of performing all of the repair and upgrade work as well as perform integration between legacy systems and new technology. For some customers, it makes better business sense to have CIS fabricate complex testing systems and provide them on a lease basis.

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