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Advanced Thermography NDT Testing for Composites


Infrared Thermography (IRT) has become a useful tool in the inspection of composite structures. Flash Thermography involves quickly applying heat to the surface of a part and viewing it with an infrared camera as the heat moves and dissipates through the part. Areas with defects such as cracks, unbonds, and foreign material (FOD) can be detected, measured for size, and their depth in the part determined. IRT has the advantage of being a completely non-contact test.

IRT is particularly well suited to evaluating honeycomb sandwich panels and assemblies. Recent developments in IRT technology include using it as a replacement technology for the inspection of jet engine turbine compressor blades. It has been successfully used to evaluate wind turbine blades, entire sections of aircraft wings, paint and coating thickness measurement, spot weld verification, and many more. CIS can also help manufacturers of continuous molding process parts such as pultrusions use infrared Spectral Analyzers in-line with the process to provide numerical data and feed back to process control equipment.


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